How to Season Hamburgers

How to Season Hamburgers

Nobody likes a bland burger! By paying attention to a few simple details during the meat seasoning process you can turn your cooked hamburgers from good-enough to spectacular. Spicing and properly seasoning burgers is all about technique, so learning some of the basics is an ideal starting point for beginners. After that, you can get into creating your own spices and mixes to experiment with other new flavors. Even if you don’t apply all of the tips below, any of them are sure to improve your burger cooking skills!

Salt patties after forming burgers – The choices are endless when it comes to add-ins, spices, and other combinations for seasoning meat. These will be added during different times while making the burger, but one thing is always required: salt. Just before you put your burgers on the grill or stove, always season both sides with generous portions of salt.

Use seasoning liberally – One issue many people have with seasoning their burgers is not using enough of it. Always sprinkle generous portions of any dry seasoning you choose from several inches above the patties, spreading evenly and liberally. It probably takes a lot more seasoning then you may think and when you think you’ve sprinkled enough, sprinkle a little more. The truth is, ground beef isn’t the most flavorful meat on this planet. Even good quality beef can taste bland if not seasoned properly.

Simple is good – Has anyone ever told you that sometimes the best things in life are simple? That statement is definitely true when we’re talking about hamburgers. Burgers seasoned with salt, pepper and one or two additional spices will often provide all the taste you’ll need. Considering the large variety of toppings you can choose to put on afterwards, there is no need to bother with adding a half dozen other spices before cooking.

Try integrating some fresh ingredients – Add new flavors by gently integrating some chopped up onion, basil, or other green herbs into the meat. These can present some interesting flavors and aromas during the cooking process and you won’t know what tastes best until you’ve experimented. Some like raw garlic in the beef, while others swear by the addition of oregano. Depending on the kind of toppings and flavors you want to use on the burgers after cooking them, adding some fresh ingredients to the meat can be a nice addition.

Brush marinade or wet rub on the outside before cooking – Extra flavor can be added to the burgers by brushing some marinade or wet rub on them before cooking. Mixtures of Worcestershire, brown sugar, horseradish, ketchup, soy sauce, and even hoisin can be delicious when added to ground beef. If you decide to mix up a wet rub or sauce for brushing onto the burgers, do so just before they hit the heat. It can be an excellent way of caramelizing and creating a delicious crust.

Using the five meat seasoning tips above is guaranteed to make your burgers taste better and contain lots of additional flavor. You don’t have to be a restaurant chef just to cook good hamburgers!

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