Big Lou’s Pizza

Big Lou's Pizza

When thinking about great tasting food inside the state of Texas most people would lean towards steak, seafood or Mexican. The last thing coming to mind for most would be Italian – especially pizza. That’s because we all instantly think of New York or Chicago when it comes to good pizza pies. However, one restaurant in San Antonio might be starting to change that as they’ve become nationally known for their gigantic (and absolutely delicious) pizzas. Big Lou’s was started back in 2000 and has since been featured on television networks like Food Network for their huge 42-inch pizza pies. This monstrous pie is so big they can only serve it to dine-in customers. It’s not that they want to be mean by not allowing take out or delivery; It’s that the pizza’s are so big they won’t fit through the door! You can order smaller sizes (down to 8-inch), but I had what they’re most famous for during my visit.

I arrived on a Friday evening with friends to celebrate an upcoming wedding. The dining room was busy (as I hear it normally is during Friday and Saturday nights), but we still managed to get seated rather quickly. We ordered a 42-inch half pepperoni/half cheese. The pizza is New York style and at 42 inches it contains almost 10 square feet of ingredients. Guess what that is in weight? 27 pounds! A short while after the order was put in I heard a young female tapping on shoulders and politely asking a few customers to slide over just a bit so the man behind her could get through. He was wearing well-insulated leather gloves and was holding the largest pizza I had ever seen. My mouth began to water as he began setting it down onto the table. Each individual slice was rather large. They say most will eat just 1-2 slices before getting full. Sure enough, they were right. I couldn’t finish the second slice entirely and one pizza was more than enough to fill up seven of us.

Big Lou’s Pizza isn’t a real fancy type of place. Don’t think you need to be all dressed up in order to make a visit and enjoy some good pie. Think of it as a smaller “mom and pop” joint where people can be casual and relaxed while having a good time. If you plan on trying the big 42-inch pizza then you’ll definitely want to come with friends or family, cause it’s pretty much impossible for one person to finish alone. But, even those wanting to visit by themselves should consider stopping in for a smaller 8 or 10-inch pie. They use the same fresh ingredients and have several different toppings to choose from.

Anyone looking for good New York style pizza in San Antonio will have to remember Big Lou’s when in town. Bring friends or family and try the 42-inch pie just to see if you can all finish it. One thing you’ll definitely be leaving with is a great story. Just remember – if you leave and are still hungry, then it’s your own fault!

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