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BURGR review

Most people know Gordon Ramsay from one of his reality television shows. Whether it be Master Chef or Hells Kitchen which you recognize him from, this Scottish chef actually has three different brick and mortar restaurants in Las Vegas. I recently visited one called “BURGR” which is located inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. I’d been dying to make a visit since I’ve always been a fan of Gordon Ramsay and was really curious to see what some of his dishes would taste like in person. Our reservation was set for 6:30PM and the table was ready with minutes to spare. I must say, the massive flaming sign in the front of this restaurant is pretty impressive and a great way to pull you in right from the street. Once inside you’ll find modern decor with a casual and laid back atmosphere. There’s no need to spend an hour getting ready before you visit BURGR.

Once seated you’ll find a menu that was designed to double up as a napkin holder. What’s even better is that diners can actually take these menus home with them! Considering the popularity of Gordon Ramsay from both his television appearances and his name in the cooking world, prices are actually rather affordable. I couldn’t resist the signature Hells Kitchen burger, while my girlfriend got to enjoy the Earth Burger. A beverage menu gets presented to you on an iPad which is pretty cool. I later found out this is becoming more of a trend around several restaurants in Vegas. After about 15 minutes of sipping on my drink, our burgers arrived. They came presented as a solo item on the plate, like a superhero that needed no sidekick. No craziness with stacks of meat and cheese that you’ll never be able to fit into your mouth. Instead, these burgers were sized to perfection making them easy to bite into and enjoy.

BurGR Las Vegas

A soft bun with thin crispy crust on the inside. This burger was fantastic! Rich avocado followed by a burst of caramelised beef crust, I immediately felt like I had gone to heaven. A minute or two later the fiery heat of roasted jalapenos began to kick in, but were immediately calmed by the sweetness of the roasted tomatoes. All the components of a perfect tasting burger were thought out and paired together so patrons would get a complex mix of flavors that will have you dying to take another bite. Magnificent!

The meal we had at BURGR certainly lived up to what I was hoping for. Less than $15 for a burger that was one of the best I’d ever had was well worth it. For those of you that love burgers this restaurant should be at the top of your list when in Vegas!

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